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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PS4 Launch Review

It is starting to become a familiar story. The new PS4 does not seem to bring much more to the table yet... It looks to me like Sony is stalling to make some major break through as the console industry has been nose diving as phones and tablets quickly take up all the action. Steve Jobs is probably laughing in his grave.
    I don't see anything that is blowing any one out of the water. Why would I go out and blow a wad of cash on this when I already have an Xbox and a Wii? I think the reason they did not show a PS4 is because they want to add something or they are not quite ready or maybe they are just testing the waters before going into full production with Nineteno's newest gaming system falling flat.
   Where are the games in for a 3D helmet? Oh well maybe next time.